We help your furniture feel better!

Our upholstery cleaning service will remove soils and dirt that cannot be removed by regular vacuuming. We can also remove many spots, spills, and stains, while preserving delicate fabrics-lengthening furniture life and helping you avoid high replacement costs. Fresh and clean upholstery looks as good as new. Our technicians are highly qualified to safely and effectively clean even the most delicate fabrics. 

We use first-rate equipment to remove germs, grime and bacteria.

Our innovative cleaning system leaves fabrics drier, so your furniture should be ready to use within 4 to 6 hours. Our upholstery cleaning services refresh and prolong the life of your furniture at an affordable price.

Steps we follow

Thorough pre-vacuum

Removes dry soils and debris from your furniture.



Stain removal pre-treatment

This process breaks down the grease, soils and body oils so they are easier to remove during extraction.


Hot water extraction

We thoroughly rinse the fabric to ensure all stains are removed along with all detergent residue, leaving your  lounge suite clean and healthy.

Scotchgard protection

Scotchgard is a fabric protection which is applied after the cleaning, upon request and at additional cost. It protects the upholstery from stains and spills by acting as a stain repellent.



  • Cleaning equipment included

Dining Chair

  • Cleaning equipment included

Office Chair

  • Cleaning equipment included

2-seat Sofa

  • Cleaning equipment included

3-seat Sofa

  • Cleaning equipment included

4-seat Sofa

  • Cleaning equipment included

Fabric sofa cleaning 

Steam cleaning is one of the most common and widely used methods for sofa cleaning. This method effectively removes ingrained dirt, debris, stains and other impurities from your couch. All of the Favourite cleaning teams are dedicated to operate with a specialized upholstery cleaning equipment along with proper cleaning solutions. The technicians are trained in applying  different cleaning methods, suitable for sanitizing all kinds of upholstery. Comprehensive vacuuming and the pre-treatment for any stains will be performed. The furniture will be then steam cleaned with hot water extraction machine. During the procedures all dirt and soils, along with the water will be extracted out of the sofa. This cleaning method is applicable for most types of fabrics. The hot water extraction method provides excellent results in the effective removal of deeply embedded stains. Treated furniture will be completely dry in  4 to 6 hours after the cleaning.

Suede sofa cleaning

Suede sofa is a popular choice, the suede adds a lot of elegance at home. When every day used, it does get stained and filthy. With regular vacuuming, you can clean the surface of the sofa, but for the removal of ingrained dirt and stains, you need professionals. Many people consider that suede, and faux-suede, are difficult to be cleaned. Working with such a delicate fabrics seems a challenging task, but not for us! With a little bit of care and attention, we can keep your sofa-stain free and protect it from most of the wear and tear.

Leather sofa cleaning 

Leather lounge suite is considered to be the most important part that makes your home look more elegant. It looks so good, but requires special care. If leather upholstery is maintained and kept properly, it can last generations. Working for years in the field, professionals know the right cleaning ways. Moreover, they have the right cleaning solutions and tools that help them bring you the greatest results. Our leather cleaning service works by recovering the natural lubricating oils, that the leather needs to stay supple and firm, but which are constantly lost with time, until one day, cracks appear. We deeply clean each of your leather furniture with great attention to every detail. Our specialized products work safe and easy on leather, remove dirt and restore colors. It is important to clean carefully the leather, before applying any conditioner, as conditioner soaks in deeply and we do not want to drag in the dirt as well. Our leather cleaning services ensures that the elegance of your home will remain the same for years to come.