End of tenancy and Pre-tenancy Cleaning London

Whether you’re moving out or into your home, our End of tenancy and Pre-tenancy cleaning in London will help you to reduce the stress of moving by providing you with a service your landlord will love. You get your weekends back and we take care of all your housework worries. Our long years of experience help us to provide high quality and guaranteed End of tenancy and Pre-tenancy cleaning services in each London area.

Benefits of using our services

Professional cleaning equipment and detergents provided
Professional cleaning of the oven and all kitchen appliances included
We are following an extensive checklist to meet any requirements
Fully insured, highly trained and background checked cleaning technicians
Fixed prices, no hidden fees
Free re-clean guarantee within 72 hours
Not limited in time service
Free keys collection and delivery

What makes our Service a Convenient Choice?

We know how your property should look like and we use the exact same checklist as your agents do. Don’t stress over the worries of your deposit, we will take care of it.

We guarantee you are 100% happy with our clean and your money back. We understand that moving is stressful, expensive, time-consuming, and our guarantees will give you peace of mind.

Our teams are following an extensive checklist to work through to ensure every inch of your home is attended to, and they won’t leave until the checklist is complete.

The service is unlimited in time, our operatives will stay as long as the property is thoroughly cleaned and since the cleaning is tailored to your individual needs we can guarantee your satisfaction!

Why do you need an End of Tenancy Cleaning?

It’s hard work and you don’t want to do it yourself

You doubt your ability to get it done to a professional level

You don’t have the time to do it

You will need to take a few days to clean the whole house

You will need to buy a considerable amount of products

You will need a lot of nerves in case you do not reach your desired results

You may not even get close to the requirements of the owner and your deposit will “burn”

How to get your whole security deposit back?

You will have to do everything you can to bring back the look of your home exactly as you found it, and the only way to do that is to spend hours tidying and cleaning the home from top to bottom. Making use of professional End of Tenancy cleaning services is the easiest way to make sure you don’t risk your deposit, and that the only thing you leave behind are memories. We offer end of tenancy cleaning services to suit your budget – from private homes to large office blocks.

Because of our professional cleaning methods and solutions, we provide a 72 hours guarantee to be sure that you get your deposit back without issues. Our service includes free callback, if there is anything we’ve missed or not up to the agent or landlord’s standard, we will come back to the property and rectify it as soon as possible.


Kitchen Cleaning

All our cleaners are trained to clean the kitchen completely. They’ll descale, degrease and de-grime all surfaces carefully with specific products so they don’t scratch or damage any metals or worktops. By the time our team leaves, the kitchen looks as good as new.

Clean inside and outside all cupboards and drawers

Clean the oven and all kitchen kitchen appliances

Clean kitchen sink and taps, remove limescale and polish

Wall tiles will be degreased, cleaned and polished

Bathroom Cleaning

As in the kitchen, our staff will descale and disinfect all surfaces, faucets, showerheads, plugs and more. Your bathroom will be left looking shiny and new, from the tiles on the walls, the floor, and any cupboards and mirrored surfaces.

Clean, descale and polish bath, basin, taps, shower and fittings

Clean, descale and polish tiles, shower glass and bathtub screen

Clean, descale and disinfect toilet and toilet seat

Clean and polish all tops, surfaces, glasses and mirrors


Bedroom Cleaning

All bedrooms will be thoroughly dusted, cleared of cobwebs, and all windows will be cleaned and sills wiped – there won’t be any dead flies or spiders hanging around when we leave. We polish all furniture, handles and metal fixtures, and we vacuum thoroughly to ensure every inch is dust free.

Clean inside and outside all wardrobes and chest drawers

Wipe clean skirting boards, picture frames and shelves

Move light furniture, vacuum underneath and behind

Carpets will be thoroughly hoovered and hard floors mopped

Wipe clean all doors, top of doors and door handles 

Living room Cleaning

Again, we’ll dust and polish each surface, wipe down switches and polish metal surfaces, clean the windows and windowsills, and vacuum any upholstery you are leaving behind to ensure there aren’t lingering crumbs in the sofa. We’ll hoover the floor and wipe or mop your hardwood, tile or linoleum floor as required.

Upholstery vacuumed, also cushions lifted and cleaned underneath

Wipe clean all doors, top of doors and door handles 

Wipe clean skirting boards, picture frames and shelves

Move light furniture, vacuum underneath and behind

Carpets will be thoroughly hoovered and hard floors mopped

living room

Studio flat

  • Estimated time: up to 3 hours

1 Bedroom flat

  • Estimated time: up to 3 hours

2 Bedroom flat

  • Estimated time: up to 4 hours

3 Bedroom flat

  • Estimated time: up to 4 hours

4 Bedroom flat

  • Estimated time: up to 5 hours

5 Bedroom flat

  • Estimated time: up to 6 hours

Pre-tenancy cleaning services

Our Pre-tenancy cleaning service involves all kinds of cleaning inside the property. Starting from the entrance to the last corner of your home, we will clean each and every wall of the rooms, the oven in your kitchen, the window panes, the doors, even the carpets, everything inside out and making it look as good as new. Working within your busy schedule is what we are specialized in. All you need to do is to raise your concerns, or to ask us to arrange your Pre-tenancy cleaning. We will supply high grade cleaning equipment and efficient, but safe products. We will focus on each and every detail and special attention will be paid to the areas specified in the schedule, in order to ensure the best possible results.

We can make coming to your new home wonderful!

Whether you need a little help here and there or a comprehensive Pre-tenancy cleaning of your home, our expert cleaners have the right attitude and training to get that work done efficiently and to a high standard.

Get some help! Professional cleaning services are a life-saver. We will make sure that your home is sparkling clean, giving you time to focus on packing or unpacking.

It's time for you to sit back and relax with your Favourite cleaning company.

What our clients say...

Ella Louise Matilda

November 19, 2023

Very good service. Were on time and polite and did a really thorough job. I was so impressed when I moved into my new place which hadn’t been cleaned properly I gave them a call to come in and give it a clean. Second time round just as thorough a service.

Thank you!

Ella Louise Matilda

Lizzie Woods

November 17, 2023

Fantastic gold star service – efficient, fast, friendly and professional – made my flat look brand new! Will definitely recommend and use again. Many thanks!

Lizzie Woods

Annie Hart

October 30, 2023

I wanted to leave you a good review of when we had our house cleaned by Top Clean last week.

Team arrived on time, assessed the work and did a really good job. They worked around the furniture, moving it as necessary and left the house looking great. They left us two pairs of overshoes in case we needed to tread across the carpets before they were dry.

Annie Hart

Clive Marshall

August 25, 2023

Diana and her team did an amazing job. Short notice end of tenancy job that was completed on the day of inquiry. Diana and her team were very thorough and ensured that all cleaning needs were met.

Diana was very friendly and exceeded all expectations. I definitely recommend her & her team!

Clive Marshall

Bruno Moreira

August 24, 2023

Amazing job! Managed to book the end of tenancy cleaning for the next morning, arrived on time and did a brilliant job cleaning everything and in less than 3 hours. Especially impressed how they managed to get the oven and cooker to look almost brand new!

Bruno Moreira

George Foster

August 17, 2023

These guys are AMAZING. My flat looked like it was brand new after they cleaned and scrubbed. They were really friendly, great value and so efficient. I never thought the flat could look this good. I can’t recommend them enough – for anyone who needs an end of tenancy clean or just wants a beautiful looking house again!

George Foster

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