Is your oven dirty and sticky? When you just don’t have the time...

Are you struggling to find time to bring back its lost shine, afraid to use dangerous and toxic chemicals in your home? Tired of poor results after hours of scrubbing? Oven cleaning may not be the most appealing job, but it definitely has to be done.


We clean all doors, racks, pans, we make sure every last inch of your oven is completely cleaned!

The cleaning process involves a complete dismantle deep clean of your oven, applying appropriate cleaning agents relative to the build-up of cooking oils, fats and food deposits. All operating items are checked through the cleaning process – seals, hinges, oven lights, elements and burners. The oven doors are split or dismantled cleaned and re-assembled. All surfaces rinsed, dried and polished, reassembled and the oven is ready for use. Any items requiring further service or repair are advised.

Restoring the lost shine of your kitchen appliances means giving you time to enjoy better things to do.


We will become your favourite cleaning experts!

with professional grade cleaning equipment and chemicals we use, your oven will look and work as good as new

we offer a range of services to suit you

you can reach us whenever you need our services

because we’re a local cleaning company, we’re able to offer our services at a competitive price

you may find cheaper but you’ll not find better

Single oven

  • Cleaning equipment included

Double oven

  • Cleaning equipment included

Range cooker

  • Cleaning equipment included


  • Cleaning equipment included


  • Cleaning equipment included


  • Cleaning equipment included

How often should you get your oven cleaned?

Ideally after installation an oven, hob and extractor should be cleaned after 12 months of normal use. If this is missed, residual fats and oils will become hard to remove with normal domestic products. The build up of cooking residues start to solidify and becomes a hard carbon deposit – especially on the racks, liners, and hard to reach areas like the roof above the elements and around the fan and heating elements.

We recommend you either rebook a deep oven cleaning within 6-12 months, but the best option for you will depend on your usage.


Other kitchen appliances

We use the same proven methods combined with flexible choice providing value for money and experience for all kinds of cooking appliances – fridges, freezers, washing machines, extractors, dishwashers, microwaves.

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