Health and wellness should never be compromised!

Our proven mattress cleaning techniques effectively removes dust mites, stains and odors by a high powerful hot water extraction equipment. We clean the entire mattress (side, back and front) as well as treat the mattress with a disinfectant chemical. The procedure is completed with a sanitizing anti - dust mite solutions that kill the mold spores, virus and bacteria, also neutralize odors of the mattresses.

All of the products and procedures are non-toxic and environmentally safe. Therefore, they are also safe for people with allergic illnesses and chemical sensitivities. They can be safely and effectively used in homes with children and pets.

The importance of having your mattress regularly cleaned!

Think about how close you are to your mattress when you’re sleeping and you will easily come up with a few very good reasons to have your mattress cleaned regularly.

With everyday use, your mattress accumulates dust, dead skin cells and soaks sweat. Dust also accommodates dust mites, which can provoke a harmful reaction in more sensitive or allergic people. Add liquid or food staining, child wetting or pet accidents, and you will get the perfect environment for germs and all kinds of bacteria to grow over time in your bed surface.

Stains and Odors

Stains are still a major concern for a lot of people. It’s human nature at least to remove a stain before calling on a professional but more often the result is much worse than the original stain.

Mattress warranties can be voided by incorrect cleaning processes and mattresses can easily be permanently damaged using wrong cleaning products on particular materials, internally and externally. A professional mattress cleaner can safely remove stains while protecting your warranty and the integrity of the mattress.

Trained mattress cleaning professionals are the only people you can trust when mattress stain removal is needed.

Steps we follow

Step 1

We use powerful vacuum cleaning machines to eliminate not only dust, dust mites, skin scales, pet hair, but also dust mites out of your mattress.

Step 2

The mattress will be carefully inspected for any stains and marks. The technician will apply a special detergent to help dissolve the spots, also application of an anti-bacterial spray will be performed, protecting the mattress from future growth of any bacteria, mold spores or dust mites.

Step 3

The mattress will be cleaned with a powerful hot water extraction cleaning equipment, which will extract all the dirt along with the moisture. This step transforms a soiled and dusty mattress back to its original factory condition. You will be informed you about the drying time, which depends on the type of the mattress.

Step 4

You can keep your mattress clean and good looking for longer if Scotchgard protection is applied after the cleaning, upon request and at additional cost. It protects the upholstery from stains and spills by acting as a waterproof barrier against liquids, dust mites, bed bugs, allergens and pollen.


  • Cleaning equipment included


  • Cleaning equipment included

King Size

  • Cleaning equipment included

Super King Size Mattress

  • Cleaning equipment included

Half length
of curtains

  • Cleaning equipment included

Full length
of curtains

  • Cleaning equipment included

No more sneezing, itchy eyes or coughing.

Just a quality nights sleep on a professionally cleaned mattress.

We are fully trained specialists in appropriate steam cleaning techniques. We have a lot of experience to eliminate all types of stains bad odours, dust mites and dead skin flakes, which can lead to allergies and respiratory problems. When we clean your mattress you can be sure that you are sleeping in a completely sanitised and clean area free of dust mites for a period of at least 6 months.

Why us 

We are trained in Stain and Odor Removal

We are experienced and qualified specialists

We are working with professional grade of steam cleaning equipment and solutions

We use Non-toxic and environmentally safe products

We offer flexible booking slots and same day  availability

Get a good night's rest. Book our professional mattress cleaning services today!